Friday, November 25, 2011

Is there certain benefits for changing your last name at marriage?

I kept my maiden name at marriage, it was something i had always said i would do. I'm proud of who i married, but i don't believe in changing my last name because i don't ';belong'; to my husband. Is there certain benefits i may miss out later in life for not changing my last name? I've been married 13yrs.Is there certain benefits for changing your last name at marriage?
The only thing that comes to mind is when you have children. Would they have your last name or his? You could use both names and that would solve that problem.Is there certain benefits for changing your last name at marriage?
So you don't ';belong'; to him, eh? Any wife who isn't submissive to her husband isn't much of a wife at all. Keeping your maiden name out of spite %26amp; attitude only reflects your detachment from him. Taking your husband's name states a dedication to him, not ownership. ~;/%26gt;
I am not aware of any benefits. My wife did not change her name and I could not care less, it's just a name.

hm... I would have thought after 13 years you would have figured this out already...

True or False: It takes two nutjobs to make a marriage work properly?

For example believing that you have to stick to the good ol vows till death and that you're supposed to be unnaturally happy all the time or there's something wrong.

Am I right?True or False: It takes two nutjobs to make a marriage work properly?
Hubby and I are sometimes considered nutjobs because we are still in love after 17 years together and 12 years of marriage. So in a nutshell, I will say yes.True or False: It takes two nutjobs to make a marriage work properly?
No hon... it takes two ADULTS...

Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect. Expecting perfection dooms marriage or any relationship really. I don't expect my man to be perfect and he doesn't expect it from me either. He is not responsible for my happiness and I am not responsible for his. We accept that fact. We must have something right because we have been married for over 30 years. Hope things are good for you!

If your not happy all the time, then obviously your relationship is not going to work. People have there issues that need to be worked out from time to time to make there marriage work but it can't be just one of you trying.Good luck to you in your decision making!!
IDK, I am laying in the bed with my nutjob and both of us are getting pretty drunk, at least I think I am getting drunk. I think I'll have one more and I am pretty sure I will get there. My nutjob says that he is naturally happy. Thank God for spell check so I don't have to think so much.
You are on a roll tonight with your marriage questions - why don't you just go ahead and ask the question you want to ask rather than all these little questions about marriage. lol....and yes, it does take two nutjobs to make a marriage work. :)
No, some people feel that is a normal, but that could just be me thinking that, your not a nut job if your happy after all those years, maybe the ones thinking that are the real nut jobs, ever think of that?

no, you are not right.

Marriage is also about sacrifice, you will sacrifice some things that make you happy just to make the love of your life happy. This should apply to both not only one person in the marriage.
in a healthy relationship you have to disagree sometimes....there is not such things as a perfect relationship. So far you could say one nut job and another person could have a relation i say false :)
False. Maybe true. Idk
I'm perfectly sane, so you must be right.
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  • Why are some people afraid that gay marriage threatens marriage between a man and a woman?

    It wouldn't affect them, right?Why are some people afraid that gay marriage threatens marriage between a man and a woman?
    No intelligent person actually thinks gay marriage will in any way harm heterosexual marriage. Those who say they feel that way are either lying or they're really stupid (or both). This is just another crazy scare tactic that the bigots who oppose same-sex marriage have used to sway people to their side.Why are some people afraid that gay marriage threatens marriage between a man and a woman?
    If they do, they are being illogical and dim. However, some oppose gay marriage not because they feel threatened, but because they are scared to change a standard that is thousands of years old. In a way, this fear of change is human nature. I'm being neutral here, so please, nobody leap at me with your fangs out.
    Bigots are not capable of rational thought.

    ';The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretence, infringed.'' - James Madison (Original wording of the First Amendment; Annals of Congress 434 (June 8, 1789).)

    they aren't

    when they say that

    what they really mean is ';i hate gay people and i think their immoral so i don't want them to get married';

    it has nothing to do with the sanctity of marriage. if it did then theyd be getting rid of divorce
    Honestly, I still haven't figured it out. I never felt threatened by same-sex marriage when I was in an opposite-sex marriage. Their marriages didn't effect my marriage.
    because their old fashioned and not open minded
    Because is their comfort zone and they know nothing but that box that been living in all their life
    it shouldnt

    How do Fundamentalists feel,knowing they have lost the ';Gay Marriage'; battle?

    It's only three states now,this I know.But the support for the State Sponsored Enforcement of Religious Beliefs through Gay Marriage Bans and such is waning by the day,and while before you could just say it's the kooks on the Coasts,now Iowa?

    It's over,whether it takes a few more years or 20 more years,the writing is on the wall.

    Now we as a Nation could move forward toward solving real problems,Agree?How do Fundamentalists feel,knowing they have lost the ';Gay Marriage'; battle?
    The gay marriage debate isn't about marriage. It's about conservatives wanting gays back in the closet, door shut, bolted and nailed tight. However they can't come out and say that without sounding like hypocritical bigots so they focus on gay marriage and attempt to scare people by saying that gay marriage will destroy society. The republicans also use the issue in a disingenuous attempt to make themselves appear to be morally superior to Democrats. People aren't going to become gay just because gays can get married and couples that would get married are most likely already couples. Gays getting married doesn't affect the marriages of heterosexuals so at the end of the day what difference does it make?How do Fundamentalists feel,knowing they have lost the ';Gay Marriage'; battle?
    The Fundies haven't quite figured out that what you're saying is true so they will institute a really un-Christian scorched -earth policy on the way to their inevitable defeat

    The Fundies apparently don't understand that we live in a very mobile society [which makes the whole idea of states rights an anachronism ] and as such not making a gay marriage a federal issue in effect ghettoizes the sanctity of marriage that they allegedly want to protect.

    Case in point:

    If a gay couple who is legally married in Vermont foolishly decides to go backpacking in Utah and has an accident while hiking ,the doctors at the Utah hospital where they were taken would not have to allow one spouse their legal right to make the decision to disconnect life support from the other spouse.

    The end result is that gay couples will only be able to live as and travel to the states where their marriages are legal%26gt;aka ghettoizing
    Yes, it may take another 20 years before gays are accepted as being born that way and discrimination against them will be outlawed. It took at least 20 years before laws discriminating against blacks even BEGAN to take effect, and a lot longer than that for it to take hold everywhere. And even so, there are many fundamentalists who disagree with it, especially in the South. I live here in the South, it's true.

    It takes a long time to change ignorance and hate.
    How cool is it that your current handle is ';Angel of Death';!

    This is exactly the kind of advice in the form of question sure to boost up your industry. Good marketing!

    Marriage is a duty of man and each must find his woman and marry and bring about a ';next'; generation. Being a death lover you would know that. Better for you to leave the earth barren of humanity when all chase after erotic pleasures selfishly, leaving no future -- just billions dead souls bansheeing about the globe in an eternal feral lust that grows and grows each time it is attempted to be satisfied.

    Pleases you, eh? You betcha!

    Not me. I''m not the fool you have of yourself. Most of us are not fooled.

    We've indulged you fools too much already.

    * * *

    The above is poetic metaphor. I'm no Christian -- but I am proud to be fundamentalist!
    You do realize 29 states have constitutionally defined marriage as one man and one woman, right?

    And you realize when put to the democratic process, to the voters not the judges, that marriage has always been defined as one man and one woman in the US, right?
    Hahahaha lol

    '; Do not be deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, NOR HOMOSEXUALS.....shall inherit the kingdom of God ......'; I Corin. 6:9
    The funny thing is they will never give it up. Just like they'll never give up the fight against abortion even though it has been legal for decades.
    decades from now their children will look back on this period and be ashamed of us. Just as we look back on a pre-1964 America on racial equality in shame.
    God knows whats going on down here, He will prevail!! soon, its all ready starting. the disease, wait and see!! this is only the tip of the iceberg!!!!
    I - as a Christian - feel that the world is continuing to get worse all the time..............just as the Bible says it will, my friend.................
    3 States out of 50. Doesn't look like the cause is lost. Sounds like wishful thinking on your part.
    its not over tills its over
    Your avatar name says it all.
    Nope. This battle may be won, but you have already lost the war.
    sorry not going to happen gay marriage is wrong and suck
    It seems the Birthing Pains are drawing closer.

    Good luck...don't accept the mark.
    Probably as bad as they felt when all the bigoted interracial marriage bans they fought so hard for were overturned.鈥?/a>

    They will manage to get over it this time too.

    How come women didn't get their inheritance money before marriage in British customs?

    and this is about old times.How come women didn't get their inheritance money before marriage in British customs?
    Wealthy families avoided giving land to women who were married or might marry b/c married women's lands automatically belonged to their husbands. The same was not always true of personal property (furniture, dresses, cash) as a legal matter, though as a practical matter the degree of wive's control over their own property varied.

    You may be thinking of women's dowries? Money that was settled on the woman when she married and for which the bridegroom's family negotiated? It's a tough question w/a lot of different, nuanced answers. Many, if not most, cultures have included the practice of giving dowries at some time or another. My private theory is that marriage was such a bum deal that women who could support themselves w/o getting married would choose to remain single.How come women didn't get their inheritance money before marriage in British customs?
    I think women could inherit things but if they married all their possessions became their husband's.

    Basically because women were seen as second class citizens with no rights.

    Question to all men out there (nothing against women) Does marriage counselling really work?

    Question to all men out there (nothing against women) Does marriage counselling really work or do you think it does more harm?Question to all men out there (nothing against women) Does marriage counselling really work?
    Not until you are both willing to admit that it is all your fault. BTW, you don't need marriage counseling until you can get your rage and anger issues under control, as you admit in a prior post that you hit your wife.

    Marriage counseling will work if you really want to save your marriage and are willing to make some changes. If you are just expecting the counselor to agree with you and place all the blame on her then forget about it.Question to all men out there (nothing against women) Does marriage counselling really work?
    I think counseling could be a yes or no answer. You have to want to make something work first of all. Counseling could only help you if you want to be helped. It doesn't matter what kind of counseling we are talking about. If there are problems in a marriage the couple will have to meet in the middle and comprise if they want something to work out. It could do more harm if the two people don't want to make it work. It will just cause more fighting and problems to ensue.

    Can a consummated marriage with pregnancy be annuled?

    My friend's marriage was consummated 5-6 times and now her husband wants to get rid of her and get remarried and try a virgin again after declaring marriage null and void on some basis framed by him. Is it legal to first try a virgin and then discard her and then try another virgin by remarrying?Can a consummated marriage with pregnancy be annuled?
    Only if the she is pregnant by another man. The legal system must be involved. He can't annul his own marriage without going through legal channels. It is illegal and immoral almost everywhere.Can a consummated marriage with pregnancy be annuled?
    if your friend is living in a male dominated muslim country then he's free to do what he wants and the woman has no say in the matter. in the u.s. and other western countries it's the women who have the upper hand.
    An annulment is not an end to a marriage, it is merely official recognition that a marriage was never valid. It doesn't really matter that the marriage was consummated (although if it hadn't been, that alone would be grounds for annulment). I don't know if he has a case for annulment, but the consummation is not an obstacle to it.

    Other valid reasons for annulment include incorrect submission of the marriage licence, or if there is an obstacle to it being a valid contract such as one party being a minor or mentally unfit.
    sure, if the courts are male dominated...